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Get a guaranteed cash offer within 24 hours of your viewing appointment

Genuine and trustworthy alternative method of selling your house.

Whatever your situation we offer a quick & flexible way to sell your house.

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Property Chain – Are You Shackled By One?

Property Chains, Frustrating? Slow? Never Ending? In this guide we will take you through what a property chain is and what to do if you’re stuck in one.   “The buyer’s surveyor has found a structural issue with their property and it could take months to resolve. We can’t move you into your new home […]

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5 Stages to Fix Red Ash Properties

In ‘The Potteries’ Red Ash is rife but what is it? Why is it a problem? And what can you do to resolve this hidden issue? In this guide we will show you how to identify, remove and sell your property with red ash.   IDENTIFY Firstly, red ash is an issue which will be […]

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Top Tips When Selling Your House At Auction in 2020

Top Tips When Selling Your House At Auction in 2020

So you want to sell your house and a property auction seems a good way to go about it, Correct! Unlike the conventional method of selling through an Estate Agent, selling at auction can be a quick, convenient alternative. Our guide will enable you to achieve the most amount of money for your property and […]

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